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Ah, the romantic comedy, it is really an enduring genre that actually has stood the test of your time. Many of us have grown with classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or colourful musicals like Easter Parade or My Fair Lady. These movies capture the advantage of romance. They have idealised ideas about finding ‘the one’; Boy meets girl over a chance encounter, boy and girl must overcome obstacles to become together, girl is eventually swept off her feet – cue long, lingering Hollywood kiss.
Romantic comedies today adopt a similar plot structure. However, the ‘boy meets girl’ part is shown to be decidedly tougher. Modern romantic comedies take a more cynical take a look at the trials and tribulations of finding someone to love. Below are some of the best modern romance movies.
No.1 – Bridget Jones (2001)
When Bridget Jones was adapted on the silver screen from Helen Fielding’s book of the same name, it gave the impression to define a whole generation of thirty-something women haunted by their loudly ticking biological clock and ‘smug married’ friends. Bridget, played by Renee Zellweger, is single and desperately trying to find love. She’s overweight, her biological clock is ticking and she or he records her hopes, dreams, frustrations and failings in the journal. She also sleeps along with her philandering boss, blinded by his charm. She then meets a handsome family friend, the aptly named Mr (Mark) Darcy (Colin Firth), a person she immediately detests, but who she involves realise is only the type of man she was seeking all along.
Bridget’s seek out love demonstrates how hard it is usually to satisfy people in the society and the stigma once attached to single women and men of an certain age, while simultaneously liberating these to embrace their singleness – which if we’re to trust Bridget, could eventually lead to love. After all, she makes many mistakes in the process, but she still gets her man eventually!
No. 2 – Must Love Dogs (2005)
This very modern romantic comedy delves into love inside chronilogical age of the web, having a forty-something women choosing the man of her dreams. Like Bridget Jones, Sarah (Diane Lane) is searching for love and finding it increasingly difficult. She thought she had found her man for lifetime, until he left. Spurred on by her interfering family, she decides to try online dating. After some bizarre and unsuccessful dates – including accidentally answering her own father’s personal add – she relates to realise the first man she met online, Jake (John Cusack), is actually the guy on her behalf. Like Bridget, Sarah struggles over the trials and tribulations of finding ‘the one’ but she too gets her man in the end; proving that on this day and age you’ll want to kiss (or flirt online) using a lot of frogs before you find your prince.
No. 3 – Hitch (2005)
Will Smith plays Alex Hitchens (Hitch), a ‘date doctor’ who trains men unlucky in love inside the art of wooing potential partners. However, he is proven to struggle himself when it relates to finding love. For example, when he meets the stunning Sarah (Eva Mendes), his elaborate collection of date venues sink with his fantastic silver tongue does not empress, so Hitchins actually starts to question whether his way is the best way to find love. Hitch contradicts the concept that one can possibly you need to be ‘lucky in love.’ The idea of spending money on help find ‘the one’ provides an interesting understanding of the issues of finding a sustainable relationship nowadays. Using a date doctor to teach you inside art of dating is especially contrived. This way of getting a relationship is an extreme and typically modern solution which is proven to be also a failing one, as in the end, Hitch gets his girl by being himself.

No. 4 – He’s Just Not That In to You (2009)
We all keep in mind that scene in Sex and The City where Miranda over hears two ladies talking about a man who isn’t calling and informs them that ‘He’s not that into you’ – well this is just like that, but with 120 minutes worth. In He’s Just Not That In to You, a movie actually inspired by a self-help book, Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) is searching for love and sets out on a series of fruitless dates. She repeatedly misinterprets the signs these these are not enthusiastic about her, convinced that they may be. This is until she gets some much-needed advice from Alex (Justin Long). As he helps her to be ‘within the know’ by what men really mean whenever they text but never call or continually leave her with false hope, they eventually fall for one other. Gigi inspires the other characters in the movie to tackle problems in their own relationships. He’s Just Not That In To You shows that love is currently an elaborate game along with the need for reading between your lines and what it really way to understand a man or woman – and just how doing this can cause difficulties to locate love.
No. 5 – Bridesmaids (2011)
Bridesmaids is easily the most recent on this list and arguably one of the most successful and unique, but perhaps that’s because it isn’t primarily about love but friendship. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is yet another character who is unsuccessful in love. Her boyfriend left her when she lost her business and also since then she’s been having casual sex using a disinterested man. Although Se confirma joker 2 is primarily about friendship amongst women, as Annie struggles with all the mammoth task of organising her best friend’s wedding against the interference of another friend, Annie’s loneliness and battle to find love is paramount. She eventually meets Nathan (Chris O’Dowd) and despite turning him down, realises her mistakes and gets her man. Bridesmaids also demonstrates – along with Sex and The City – that while seeking love within the overly busy whole world of today you may need good gals with you – from your trials and tribulations in the initial phases right down to orchestrating the madness of your special day!
Yesterday’s Holly Golightly is today’s Bridget Jones. The modern-day man or woman who’s looking for love can relate on the characters as well as their plights. These movies tell us that it can be difficult to find ‘the one,’ with many different possibilities to get some things wrong as you go along, yet the message they offer continues to be one of hope. It may be difficult to find a person to love, but they may be on the market and we have to get the ways to take action – and the days there’s plenty. While the lonely hearts over these movies have to overcome more obstacles than your average love story protagonist, ultimately, they definitely acquire ‘happily ever after.’

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